Vanessa Missy Love talks about the V-Shaped Face and Asian Fascination

Like every culture, many things have come to influence Korean beauty trends. With the ever-growing #Hallyu (or Korean Wave) sweeping the world, more and more people are looking to the east for the latest in beauty trends. Until recently beauty standards have been predominately imposed by the West, and those around the world would look to the West for indications of fashion and beauty trend changes. These changes would be shared worldwide through the circulation of all types of media, including the Internet, magazines, and television.


My story with the V-shaped face – Vanessa Missy Love

Girls, I know that the #V-shaped face is quite delicate to all of us. This is something we all want, but only few of us can actually achieve. Of course, as you know, a woman always finds a way, when it comes to anything she wants, needs or strives for.