Vanessa Missy Love – Different Types of Acne

#Acne comes in many different forms; the following are three of the most common: Acne Vulgaris, Acne Cosmetica and Acne Mechanica. To learn more about each, read the full article on


Vanessa Missy Love – Scar Removal and the Lutronic Mosaic ECO2 Method

Millions of people are susceptible to and affected by acne. #Acne is a skin condition that is typically characterized by white heads, blackheads, and even more serious instances of cysts. It can be seen not only on the face, but also on the neck, chest, and even the back and shoulders. It is usually the reaction to oils and dead skin cells mixing to cause clogged pores. Acne doesn’t discriminate between geographical region, race, ethnicity – it affects almost everyone at one point or another. It is typically younger people in the adolescent stage that are the most affected by acne.

How To Treat Pregnancy Acne from Vanessa Missy Love

Despite what they say, #acne isn’t only experienced during your teen years. If you find yourself #pregnant you may very well be experiencing a reemergence of acne problems. Fortunately, you can take preventative measures now along with using natural remedies, to get your acne under control. We do recommend you always seek the help of your doctor before trying out any of the following remedies. Why Pregnancy Acne Happens

Vanessa Missy Love talks about the V-Shaped Face and Asian Fascination

Like every culture, many things have come to influence Korean beauty trends. With the ever-growing #Hallyu (or Korean Wave) sweeping the world, more and more people are looking to the east for the latest in beauty trends. Until recently beauty standards have been predominately imposed by the West, and those around the world would look to the West for indications of fashion and beauty trend changes. These changes would be shared worldwide through the circulation of all types of media, including the Internet, magazines, and television.

How to Prevent #Acne Breakouts from Vanessa Missy Love

Prevention is the best cure. Acne is common during puberty, but it can affect people of all ages. One of the most common reasons is due to hormone imbalances and changes, which is why women in pregnancy can find they suffer from it regularly. While hormones are a problem, there are some things that you can do to limit and prevent acne breakouts. Follow a Good Cleaning Regimen