Eliminating Stubborn Face Fat from Vanessa Missy Love

Why is it that when we lose weight or even when we put on just a few pounds, it seems to go right to the face? You can see it in the cheeks and in that pesky double chin.


My story with the V-shaped face – Vanessa Missy Love

Girls, I know that the #V-shaped face is quite delicate to all of us. This is something we all want, but only few of us can actually achieve. Of course, as you know, a woman always finds a way, when it comes to anything she wants, needs or strives for.

Common Female Face Shapes and My Facelift Advices – Vanessa Missy Love

It is a well-known fact that female facial shape types are different and they determine so many beauty routines and procedure we either perform daily, or we go for once in a while to improve our look. In fact the traditional female facial shapes are, as a matter of fact, 6. This table shows you the 6 of them and they are determined as to their main features, faults or advantages.